Breaking News: Z10 put Bush in the White House!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. More delusions.

    Just keep repeating, Z10 put Bush in the White House...Z10 put Bush in the White House...Z10 put Bush in the White House...Z10 put Bush in the White House...

    Psychotic saxon...I see you didn't address the fact that res was there too over the years to see you defend Bush blindly to any criticism from res and I.

    Now, since you are already delusional, expect the paranoia to follow, and you will probably claim res is out to get you too...

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    You're what? You're not going to waste any more time? Let's examine the facts, shall we?

    Profile For The Disgusting Hypocrite Troll.

    Date Registered: 06-14-04
    Total Posts: 17678 (15.79 posts per day)


    So, you're not going to waste any more time here? Yeah, right. This place is your entire life, you lying bastard.

    Also, you are now claiming that something resinate said or did supports your argument? resinate was/is well known as your bumboy. He deleted posts which contained blatant lies/contradictions in your posts. He did this at your behest when the heat got so bad that you were scurrying around the site threatening anal penetration due to the number of people pointing out your lies.

    We can only speculate as to whether you will ever get sick of lying through your teeth.
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  3. sax, you've hit a raw nerve with the Idiotic Troll. He just hates it when you use the term 'we' to describe the vast majority on here who think he's a fucking goofball. Last year, when I was owning him so badly that he had to stop responding to my posts, I used to set him off all the time by using 'we'. He would start to post bizarre images. If he does this you know you're really getting to him.
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  4. LOL! The troll is owned yet again by 9th Dan Troll Master Nik!!

    That the troll would have the gall to name his bumboy and former corrupt moderator resinate as an objective source is just preposterous. In other words, par for the course for the troll.

    The Zzztroll, future Darwin Award candidate. Find him here and only here, ladies and gentlemen!! The freak show is on ET!!
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  5. JA_LDP


    i cannot stop laughing. however, i personally enjoy having Z around and reading his posts. yes, all 15.79 per day.
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  6. So in conclusion, we have all just been informed that it was indeed LoZZZer who personally put George W. Bush in the White House in 2000.

    He must have trouble sleeping at night, with so much Iraqi and American blood on his paws. Shame, shame...

    This thread is classic! Now LoZZZer gets to experience how it feels to be on the victim end of <b>his own</b> 'winning by losing' strategy! The douchebag couldn't even recognize his own trick. Well done Saxon! :D :D :D
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  7. Hail, hail, the gang's all here.

    Birds of the same feather, flocking together...

    Quite funny to see you suggesting that I have been "victimized" by anything that happens here in this forum.

    What a laugh.

    Oh were that "victim" who couldn't handle the opinions of someone on your drug addiction, sufficient to have to run away from ET for 2 weeks to dream up and fabricate some elaborate and cockamamie fantasy as to why you felt like such a victim and to try and convince the ET minions that you were a victim in order to attempt to save face.


    You really are the master victim, who wears victim glasses, so you would see only victims where none can possibly be.

    A former IDF soldier who was "victimized" by an opinion of his drug addiction by a completely anonymous stranger on a message board.

    Master victim and the victim club, RM the Pied Piper of victims...really too funny. Thanks for the giggles...

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  8. Yep, the Troll has been trolled, and look at its hysterical response directly above!! You can always tell when it's getting frustrated and uncomfortable.

    Hey ZZZzzzenu, have you met Tom Cruise at one of your Scientology meetings yet? When you told them that you believe 'Magistrates were materialized out of pure potentiality', did they dig that?
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  9. Wow!!!! What a spectacle of obsessive, fixated and wretched sanctimony.
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  10. someone owes me another quarter.
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