Breaking News : U.S. 2Q household wealth rises $2 trillion

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  1. U.S. household wealth up for 1st time in 2 years

    U.S. consumer debt falls record 1.7% annual rate

    U.S. 2Q nonfinancial debt rises 4.9%
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    Is there a link to the data or is this just something you made up on your own?
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    The rally on Wall Street was the main reason for the increase in household wealth, but rising home prices contributed as well. Wealth in corporate equities rose by $1.04 trillion, while real estate wealth rose by $139 billion. Assets held in mutual funds, life insurance and pension funds rose by $1.06 trillion.

    Its all a sham.. 2 trillion increase because the stock market is pumped up with money printing.

    I'm thinking of trying this out as my new motto.
    Dow 20K!!! (Bread $20.00)
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    thats because they manipulated the markets higher, tax payer bailouts, changes in accounting methods and monopoly money is the reason for the $2 trillion in wealth creation, damn do they try to trick people into believing this wealth creation they speak of.