BREAKING NEWS: Scooter Libby Found Guilty

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  1. Excellent!!!

    Another one bites the dust... :D
  2. Pekelo


    Reminds me of the Martha Stewart case. Libby was convicted of:

    " obstruction, perjury and lying to the
    FBI in an investigation into the leak of a
    CIA operative's identity."

    Not because of revealing the identity of a CIA operative (agent)....
  3. 11-16-04 03:25 PM

    Quote from Burtakus:

    I have no problem with the CIA removing those that leak information. It's an intelligence gathering agency, not an open forum for all to debate on. The crap that was leaked should not have gotten out end of story. Those that leaked information should be removed.

    damn.. got that one right in 2004 . oh wait... i am a conspiracy nut. :eek:
  4. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who has led the leak investigation, said no additional charges would be filed. That means nobody will be charged with the leak and

    Libby, who was not the source for the original column outing Plame,

    will be the only one to face trial.
  5. One down, and entire administration to go...
  6. You have to wonder what kind of moron sits on these juries. Basically this was a case without a crime. A bunch of Washington insiders chatting with each other endlessly on the phone and later can't agree on who said what. That is a federal crime?

    Let's see if President Backstabber has the stones to do the right thing and pardon Libby. And maybe Special Prosecutor and Grandstanding Jackass in Chief Fitzgerald can go back to fouling up anti-terrorism cases. On second thought, he would fit right in with this administration. Dumb and arrogant.
  7. This is how your "unbiased" Fox News reported it:
  8. Of course you'd be happy, Libby is merely the fall guy
  9. So is this an admission that crimes were committed by Cheney et. al that Libby took the fall for?

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