Breaking News...Ponzi Scheme One Thousand Times Larger Than Madoff Scheme Uncovered!!

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    garbage. the US is the only "civilized" country that does not have universal health rate 37th in term of health outcomes....The Swiss had a similar form of healthcare to that of the US and found it cheaper, and more effective to have universal healthcare.

    Private solutions do not work.. Here in Ontario a conservative government privatized water purificiation...many, many deaths...previously unheard of

    recently, outbreaks of meat poisioning as the meat companies were allowed to essentially police themselves.

    Doesn't work. Government is not perfect, but it is a step up.
  2. So I can tell my 16 year nephew that he'll be taxed fairly and receive all the benefits the government claims he'll receive when he retires, after a long and productive career?

  3. Your nephew's young. With the right tutoring, he can carefully plan to renounce his US citizenship and move to tax havens such as the Bahamas or Monte Carlo when the time is right.

    No need why he would expose himself to paying taxes for a faltering social security system in the US.
  4. I had an awakening about 10 years ago when I went to talk to a financial advisor. This was before I got into trading. I found out our Canadian government had zero exposure to equities.

    At that point it was obvious, the writing was on the wall. You can't pay for long term projects earning interest off bonds. Clearly our government was fucked.

    Then they had the brilliance to add exposure in 2000... the height of an equity bubble.

    Leave it to the public sector to screw up and no one will notice.

    Don't get me started about Maple Leaf meat. I know pipefitters who'd work in their factories and they pointed out that the local pet food company had higher standards. The employees would cut up the meat, spit / hork on the floor and then sweep it into troughs that use all the leftovers for your next sausage...

    So I do see the benefit of government supervision.
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    you need to go easy on the # of threads and sensationalized headlines. you're getting dangerously close to stocktrad3r status- not exactly a badge of honour...

    clue: when people can guess that you're the OP BEFORE clicking on the thread... you've become a nuisance.
  6. Better check your facts about Walkerton. The water system in Walkerton was run by the municipality not a private corporation. It was the NDP, our socialiast party that relaxed the standards for water purification, prior to the Conservative government being in power.

    If you really delve into the tragedy, you'll see that the workers in charge of the water system only initiated it. However, the doctors who were part of the universal health care system were the true culprits. It was their treatment of the E Coli that killed the patients. The Doctors treated the patients with antibiotics to try and kill the antibiotic resistant E Coli. That treatment only killed the normal bacteria in the patients digestive system leaving the E Coli to run rampant.

    I don't know why the faulty medical treatment wasn't exposed in the court inquiry or by the media. I suspect that the people in the medical system did what they could to protect their own.
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    This number is thrown out alot but it's misleading

    For one these are obligations but they are not due upfront they are paid out over time and don't factor in life expectancy.

    Social security has always been a pay as you system. So research some history and you'll see people talking in the sixties and seventies of the impending bankruptcy

    The future funding gaps are easily solved by changing the benefits age or scaling benefits based on a needs test

    Plus the government will always have the money to pay pensioners it just won't be worth anything

    If we start having a declining population or exodus then it'll be a major problem. And with current policies to be implemented is a real possibility

    The bigger issue Is healthcare as a cost of GDP and interest payments ok the national debt
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    Overall, universal health care leads to better health for the entire population of a country. The U.S. fairs very poorly in almost every health care category when compared to other developed countries, ranking 37th overall.

    Forget the politics on this one. Universal Health Care is the only fix to our broken system. Those who keep claiming it's more expensive, haven't studied the problem. It's actually less expensive. Among the forty-five reasons why are: More preventative care available, less emergency care needed, and NO INSURANCE infrastructure to support.
  9. There's a major important difference (there are many, actually); I post factual, substantive articles and also (IMO) thought-provoking analysis, while turder posts one liners about Goldilocks and Mustard Seeds.

    I posted this :

    Turder would have posted "There is no economic downturn, we will have explosive growth, DOW 15,000 by 2010, and we're in an equity bull market. Werd"
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