Breaking news: "Paulson PREVENTED Barclays from rescuing Lehman Brothers"

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  1. Criminal filth. Imprison him.

    Speaking of the Gang of 12 - Hank "the Hitman" Paulson is in the news today. Not in America, of course, because this news is not favorable, but in Europe an investigation into Lehman’s bankruptcy says that Paulson PREVENTED Barclays from mounting a rescue attempt and the UK Finance Minister Alistair Darling has flat-out denied Paulson’s account of the situation, which blamed Darling for miscommunications that doomed one of Goldman Sachs’ (GS) biggest rivals to failure. All a coincidence I’m sure - thank goodness for Hank Paulson - had it not been for him, something terrible might have happened. But it is hard to imagine something more terrible than what actually did happen (to almost everyone but GS).
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    "Paulson has told journalists that during a transatlantic phone call the chancellor said he was not prepared to import the American 'cancer' into Britain – something Darling strongly denies."

    This doesnt sound like a lie, who lies like this?
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    Sounds exactly like a lie crafted to play to a jingoistic American audience. It doesn't even make sense given that Northern Rock had its crisis in Sept of 2007 and Lehman fell a full year later. There is no logic in the phrase "importing American cancer" when Europe was already riddled with it and Darling knew that better than most, so why would he say such a thing to Paulson of all people who would know the "cancer" was just as present in Europe at that time.
  4. The next few generations will be paying for the short 8 year legacy of the unamerican neocon culture of inept corruption

    Don't blame the republican crook politicians. It all begins with the average illiterate tea-bagger. What else can we expect from unamerican filth that make up less than 20% of the population yet claim to be the "moral majority".
  5. Alistair Darling has flat-out denied Paulson’s account of the situation


    My money is on Paulson. I'd bet Darling lied.
  6. Paulson is true to what made him rich and famous - GS. If he could help LEH fail, then I am sure he would. Why is this suprising?
  7. Sounds like a plan by Paulson to save face.:)
  8. Corruption is bipartisan.
  9. comparing corruption for the 2 party system is like comparing a open mexican sewer (republicans) to a dirty toilet ( democrats)

    only fraudsters manage to get elected on the republican side and the democrats are spineless cowards cowed into doing what the republicans want.

    end result is the same. pushing the middle class into oblivion. Following the current path, we're going to end up like the UK. The filthy rich at the top and the illiterate drunk white/black trash at the bottom with a sliver of a middle class supporting both classes.

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    Captain cut-n-paste has spoken!
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