BREAKING NEWS: Oil and gas spill in Venezuela

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  1. There's an unstoppable oil and gas spill in Venezuela lake Maracaibo

    Like good communists they first denied the spill, then said it was under control, then they blamed someone else "pirates" (remember Chernobyl?):

    The oil spill is 16 times denser than the BP one:

    Lake Maracaibo outflows to the Caribbean sea trough the gulf of Venezuela.
  2. Well, Obama couldn't deny the BP oil spill, but for 70 days, he declined help from outside countries.
  3. There is a big difference btw Venezuela and US oil spill. Venezuela is trying to nationalize their wells so they have nobody to blame other than the govt.
    In the US, the wells are still run by the private corps, and no one in the world has better technology in drilling than Baker Hughes and companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger and Vector Magnetics, so there is really no point trying to get help from other countries in stopping the leak. The cleanup, on the other hand, is a different story.
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    Won't even slow `em down. Damn greedy capitalist pigs set those wells up to fail just because the wise and benevolent government tried to stop them from raping Mother Earth and the common man. Plus, BushCheneyHaliburton send covert ops to damage them even more! If there were more moose limbs there, they'd also blame the joos.
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    What's the difference between Obama and a communist?
  6. I give up. What?
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    Military fatigues?