Breaking News: Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery (Full Press Conference)

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  1. Let's all try to watch the whole thing before commenting, ok?

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    Obama is a fraud. This is major news but the Liberal-press won't cover it. The Birth Certificate released by the White House alone, is a joke. Besides the digital layering, the ink-tape type-writer splash marks are identical for particular characters (ex "a", "1" etc), which is totally impossible if the document was an original, typed by a real type-writer! The identical splash marks prove the BC was created digitally, and therefore a fraud. Then, we've got his Social Security number which is stolen/doesn't even belong to the President.
  3. How do even know he is black? I heard it's makeup. A ruse to lock up the black vote.
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    ^Another stupid, irrelevant post
  5. Wow, a birther. Who knew?
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    Watch the video, then argue the facts. Obama's BC is an obvious forgery.
  7. He isn't black! Here is a picture of his birth mother...she is obviously white, so Obama can't be black!

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