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    The accident Fukushima classified level 6

    15/03/2011 | Updated: 12:04
    The ongoing nuclear accident at the Japanese central Fukushima reached level 6 gravity on the international level that are 7, said today the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), Andre-Claude Lacoste.

    Level 7 has been reached only once in the world, when the nuclear accident at the Ukrainian Chernobyl plant in 1986. The Japanese authorities have classified the accident in Fukushima as a 4 Saturday, following the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit the east coast of the archipelago.

    In Japan, "we are now in a situation different from that of yesterday. It is quite clear that we are at a level 6, which is intermediate between what happened (to the Central American) Three Mile Island (in 1979) and Chernobyl, "said President of the ASN at a press conference in Paris.

    "We are in a disaster quite obvious, " he added.
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    Take a look at Wind Streams in Norther Hemisphere

    Everything 95% is going over the Pacific toward Hawaii and Hitting Seattle
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    I Posted this yesterday morning


    My father was a nuclear technician on a Soviet Submarine, Real Facts for Japanese Reactors.

    Breach of containment has definitely happened as you can see from recent sat photo. Notice the white smoke this is a 100% sign that Cesium and others are escaping and have already escaped in mega numbers


    My father says that Japanese government has only one card they play. Because Winds are taking the radiation into pacific toward Hawaii Japanese can say there is no radiation.

    The Fact is if winds were taking radiation westward entire Japan would already be irradiated and Authorities wouldn't be able to lie

    My father guarantees that you will be able to see higher radiation in Hawaii a week from now and even higher than normal radiation on West coast of United States
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    I think it has been at least a 6 for at least 2-3 days now, maybe even a 7, but they dont want to release the news just yet, they know its a lot worse than they say it is.

    As for the winds, its blowing all of it over the pacific to the California area, as if California already had enough trouble.
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    TV pundits are already preparing brainwashing by discussing how small amount of radiation is OK

    This is a lie.

    My father told me long ago that even a single atom of plutonium Cesium can give you cancer. There is no "safe dose" radiation will increase your chances of cancer
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    Agree, it is a lie, I have been watching the news for days and they keep saying that the small amounts of radiation people are taking in is not enough to do any damage.
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    Few minutes ago this man made this posting. He is either mental or he is lying in desperate attempt to keep his portfolio up. When truth comes out to everyone people like this are frown upon

    Breach has occurred already

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