Breaking News Marines Massacred 24 iraqi civilians, CNN reporting, remincientofMYLAI

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  1. well guys it seemed the good old marines did it again. This is just breaking news, but this is going to spark another flash flurry of world wide protestation and riots. First it was abu grav, then it was guantanomo with koran defiling, then the mohammad cartoons, now a massacre to boot. This is just breaking news but it seems the army is bringing up charges. And everybody thought memorial day weekend was going to be quite. And how does this relate to the stockmarket you say, well the last time this happened, you had the markets tanking b/c you had arab firms pulling out money in protest. There was fears of raising the threat scale up b/c of terriosm backlash. This is looking quite bad people, and this is breaking news, you now have reports of marines indiscriminatingly killing woman and children. The pictures of the bodies havent been released yet, but when they do, its going to look very bad people.
  2. I love how you group the cartoons in that list of tragedies. That gives your post a lot of credit.
  3. well it was suppose tobe a list of sparks and wildfires that caused outrage. You have to admit, once the video's and pictures are leaked out to the media of dead children and woman, murdered by marines. It's going tobe a firestorm. And this isnt a case where the military is denying it happened, they are admitting to it. You have cammanding officers trying to cover up the masscre and being relieaved. From my friends at CFB base here, they are telling me the pictures look very very very very bad. You have dead children in pictures. For god sakes, imagine if you had pictures of dead american children, imagine the outrage.

    From my point of view from a market perspective, on tuesday, if Im correct the pictures and videos with the dead children and woman will probably be leaked. Large protests about the masscre. Sunday morning news quarterbacking. It will be a replay of the whole cartoon and abu grav thing again. Im about 99% sure the weakness on tuesday, will be attributed to the marines masscre and my lai connections.
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