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    Most traders have been 'taken out' at some point by a sudden news event. It's not something you can completely avoid but it does highlight the need to keep up to date as to whether your market is in more of a speculation driven state or a faster paced news driven environment.

    These 2 market states require very different trade strategies. At Jigsaw, we thought long and hard about how traders should interact with news. It should be timely, relevant and unobtrusive. It should cover both breaking news and economic releases.

    With the latest version of Journalytix, we've come up with a combination that's a dream to work with and stands up against highly priced professional feeds that maybe 5 years ago had a definite technical edge - but no more.

    If you are looking for a cost effective way to improve as an intraday trader and you aren't currently keeping abreast of the news, there's a few ideas in this video to help you benefit. Sometimes that will be by standing to one side and sometimes it'll be joining a news driven move.

    For a free trial to try this for yourself - go to
  2. The video said you “got the news 3.5 seconds after the release”.
    How is that “ahead of other traders”?

    It’s not ahead of Bloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones.

    Please clarify
    Thank you
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    All releases are different - so is the timing of the release. So how long from the release to the wires varies.

    What we have is a real time feed - pull it up next to your Bloomberg or Reuters terminal & see!

    At a price point of just $39 a month - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. So your news feed for $39/month is faster than my BB for $2400/month?

    Is that what you’re saying???
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    Yes - Your Bloomberg doesn't get the releases before anyone else. Nor does it get them to you any faster.

    You don't pay $2,400 just to get the eco releases, right?

    Bloomberg , Reuters etc. had a technological edge at one point and in a number of areas, that was one of them.

    Like a lot of edges - they get eroded over time.

    As I said - you can try for yourself, free of charge.
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  6. PRice is too low, Peter. You should go $799 - 1,499.
    Wish you well. Good luck
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  7. So nice of you, Clubber to give Peter the perfect ammo to raise Price from $39 to $2400/month.

    But is Peter awake enough as a CLOSER to spot this windfall? Is he MAN enough to nail it? Donald J Trump would never let a deal like this slip. Never! Neither would I.
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    lol - I am fairly sure we don't set price policy based on forum posts....

    but I can give you an address for a check if you like!

  9. Thanks, not necessary. Your success is my pleasure. God takes care of me. :)

    Then base your policy on Alec Baldwin. Donald Trump has this in all his sales closers training courses. So do I. Closers are a rare breed. Nobody likes them but they get the job done in sybaritic aplomb. Remember Donald’s handshake? A bit over the top but ALL native born Closers are like that. Yours truly included. Most men I come across shake hands like perfumed pussies. :). :).

  10. PRICE, the ultimate challenge:

    Fin. Markets pure price no indicators, just you reading pure Price.
    # people who can do this? Out of 8 billion, maybe a few hundred fellas.
    Heck they even invented Fundamental Analysis to totally avoid looking at Price

    And so it is exactly like this in the realm of Sales/Closing. Every mother’s son I know is a Drop Price at the first sign of trouble from the customer. Drop drop drop, make it as close to worthless and free as possible. The salesman believes this 100%. (In your case $39 Price is ridiculously low, it’s so low I’d just say fck it and get government dole like 60% of the population). :). :)

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