***Breaking News*** Feds May Convert Bank Bailouts To Equity Shares

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  1. Yep, looks like Robbin Hood, opps I mean OBAMA is ready to get to work.
  2. How is this breaking news?? The government has been the largest lender, bond holder, and preferred share holder in existence.

    Plus doesn't the government already own 80% in Fannie, Freddie, & AIG. Don't they own 30% of C?? So who cares if BAC and WFC is added. The damage was done bailing out BSC.
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    "You opened your mouth one too many times Ken Lewis, you get no rally."

    Ben Bernake
  4. 1 Word

  5. TARP was Nationalization. Wake up! This is old news.
  6. this is how they will raise tangible equity to "help" banks. But kill shareholders.

    C was the first. Sure not to be the last.
  7. FDIC does it all the time. I have no idea what the big deal is here. Shoulda been done ages ago, would have saved tons of money.
    There would, indeed, have been no need for the TARP, if all they did was follow already established procedure. If the FDIC needed more money to get the job done, give 'em more. No way would it have been as expensive as the TARP and all the rest of these misbegotten programs.
  8. American heading to socialism and worst of it, slipping into communism. It is very worrisome.
  9. Really, communism??!! More over the top hyperbole.
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