**Breaking News FED and Banks looking to shut down Exchanges**

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  1. thats right.I heard it from two of my sources, one last night and one this morning.

    the Fed and a group of top Bankers are loking to shut down the Stock Market for about three months starting the week of Oct 20th lasting into January 20th or so (around the time the new President takes office).

    right now the chance stands at 75%.

    it was done for 2 weeks after 911, 5 months in 1914, and I think a few other times as well.So its really nothing new.

    they will do it overnight,no warning no chance to get out, nothing.

    you heard it here first.
  2. Joab


    When the Casino stops making money they just change the rules.

    There is no such thing as a free market.

    So this would not surprise me. :cool:
  3. everyone will move to the futures...

    better for cme group....... woo woo
  4. rickf


    Unless I am forgetting something -- and I wasn't daytrading back then -- the exchanges were closed from Tuesday 9/11 until the following Monday. That was 4 full trading days, not two weeks.

    But to close down the exchanges for months? I highly doubt that, with respect to your sources.
  5. axehawk


    This will NEVER happen.
  6. asap


    what i heard was they are shutting down the elections until further notice and deploying the troops across the country to assure those evil short sellers dont ruin the free markets.

    as soon as everything is back to normal (that is, obama is no longer leading the intentions of vote), they reschedule the elections.

    you heard it here first.

    btw, i am selling my system for $250k. first come first served. sorry, no money back guarantee.

  7. The powers that be use the stock market as a massively efficient wealth transfer tool. Doing this would not only disallow them from transferring wealth into their pockets, it would put such distrust and disgust in the system that lots of money would not come back to the market on re-opening because no one wants to participate in a market where they randomly don't let you liquidate for 3 months. What the long term benefits to doing this would be I am not quite sure.
  8. Not going to happen....



    Why not just turn the White House and Congressional buildings into condos....

    Government by township

    Consumption taxes only

    World wide stock exchange....
    simple accounting standards....
    inexpensive listing costs...
    internet information standards...
    all languages.....
    true universal accounts....
    all products......

    Banks by township...discounted
    asset based loans only....


    Obviously the two party democracy by advertising sound bytes has failed....

    The point is....capitalism needs to be rekindled.....right now the opposite is happening....

    Total reform is needed.....
  9. Daal


    greenspan wrote in his book that this is a terrible idea. why would bernanke think differently, they are both chicago school monetarists
  10. nickdes


    it was done for 2 weeks after 911


    Sir your facts are wrong!

    The facts are,

    The NYSE was closed from September 11 until September 17, 2001 as a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

    Please, before putting into print blatant lies check your facts.
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