Breaking news Coup or Civil War in Thailand ! :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Do you know of a reliable and honest Thai real estate agent?
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    Isnt Thailand like the only country in Asia that was never invaded by westerners or something like that?
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  3. Actually, I think it happened last in the early 90's (I exaggerated a little to make a point). It happened several times in the 80's and 70's, with varying amounts of military rule afterwards.

    Point is, a military coup in Thailand is not like a military coup in most places. They really do reflect the wishes of the people, and will step down very quickly after someone else is elected. They do not like doing this.

    To answer a few posts prior to this:

    No, I am not Thai, but I have lived there, and know quite a bit about its history and people.

    Yes, Thailand, AKA Siam, is the only SE Asian country never colonized. They've had lots of ugly local wars over the the centuries though. Tough people. Small, but tough.
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  4. Actual number of Thai coups?

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  5. Surprised this got bumped down here, seemed on topic-breifly, anyway.

    I hope your right jayford, there doesnt seem to be a lot of information, still, massively censored is the usual trick.

    I was going to post a link to the recent assasination attempt, but what for, really.

    If there's any reason to be concerned, it's precisely because of jayford's analysis, the odds dont back it being an entirely bloodless/freindly coup, on this occasion.
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  6. was just intimidation, rather commonplace amongst thai 'politicians'... so far not a drop of blood and no reason to think there shld be any... this is consistent with the developments on the ground since early this year, requiring the king to get more and more involved... adios thaksin, no love loss
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  7. They aren't tough people, just they don't accept outsiders and their cultures (not religion) unless you go thai ways. same goes for relationship with thai woman

    Thai couldn't defeat Burmese long time ago (they can't even today) and run away from their capital Ayuthaya when it was burn down by Burmese and settled in krungthep (Bangkok) later. They aren't vietnamese.

    Army chief Gen. Sondhi Boonyaratkalin responsible for coup is a muslim in this Buddhism nation, and i hope he has better ways than taksin to calm down southern thai muslims states
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  8. I doubt he holds power very long. Only reason it happened is Taksin had so many problems with the general populace.

    I don't think the problems down south will go away anytime soon. It was disturbing to see the bombs go off in Hat Yai a few days ago. I like that town.
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  9. Yes, He will remain prime minister for 2 weeks only , but stays as chief commander for much longer, though he was assigned by taksin for that post, I don't think taksin return to power again.

    South people can be said are half thai only and count for 80-90% thai muslim population (Bangkok has 500k only) , considering they speak yawi and not fluent in thai and seeking independence, for that reason thai government begin teaching them thai language and culture education recently in order to further reduce malaysian influence on them

    Been to Had-yai for visa run and can say it's the only well developed city that's not much depandent on tourism ..
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