Breaking news Coup or Civil War in Thailand ! :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Damn Bush-my wife is making tuna cassarole for dinner tonight and I hold him responsible.

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  2. Who couldn't use more bush? :p
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  3. Just got through with my family... they're OK, but told me that most thais are clueless as to what's going on as all the TV stations and cable networks (including cnn, cnbc) were shut down minutes after the Coup..
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  4. that is very interesting... its the same problem italy's prime minister had. you can't be a prime minister and also the largest shareholder of the largest company in thailand. too many conflicts of interest. thaksin's unpopularity is so bad its incredible. also affected foreigners since thaksin's nomination to p.m., he closed all clubs at 2am, make smoking bars illegal, and put a curfew out at night.
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  5. ...Days getting shorter, getting a bit cooler...and why?...<i>BECAUSE OF BUSH!!!!</i>

    His evil knows no bounds.
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  6. lol weather changes yes blame it on bush, stupid global warming. How can you let a guy control a country that belieaves that men walked with dinosaurs :p

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  7. You guys don't know much about Thailand do you? This happens every few years there. Its always bloodless, and the military always turns the power back over to the government when the guy they feel is corrupt steps down, and a completely unrelated guy steps up.

    And they ALWAYS pledge their allegiance to the King. You cannot even criticize the King there. You won't go to jail, but the average Thai on the street would pummel you. They LOVE their king.

    This coup is absolutely no big deal. It may not even slow down the tourism inflow at all. May not budge the baht either.

    And Mahram, it has ZERO to do with Bush. It is completely internal. We do not mess with Thailand's affairs.
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  8. Coup in Thailand: must have been pretty smooth! i left BKK at midnight yesterday wednesday after a day of shopping around ploenchit paragon & world trade center, pantip plaza, took the skytrain, cabs, tons of people going about their business, shopping etc... very BAU type atmosphere, nobody knew anything i guess, and neither did my thai 'family' who've got TV on all day... had a nice dinner in town in silom area with local expat friends... we all speak thai incidentally... nobody'd heard of ANYTHING...
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  9. jayford you are correct, thais love the king. But it will affect the baht and eventually tourism. Last time the military did a coup on the prime minister was back in the 70s. This is big news, and does not happen all the time. are you thai? if you are you would know how important overthrowing thaksin is. either way i hope it all turns out well.
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  10. sorry but jayford is correct, thaksin's leadership has been v.divisive, he is a little authoritarian prick a la bush, as corrupt or more as quite a few previous prime ministers, the security situation in the south is dire, the electoral commission members now all discredited and barely a step away from jail, his family and himself discredited over a massive tax avoidance affair... this farce HAD to stop... the military has acted similarly in the past and will do so again as need be... no big deal, tourism, if anything, will pick up even more... as for the baht, it may wobble a bit, but depends on who turns up at the wheel in a few weeks time when the dust settles...
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