Breaking news Coup or Civil War in Thailand ! :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. lol just another mess that bush let out of control. Now even asia is falling apart. What next a civil war in japan :D
  2. Is thai bhat going up or down on this? One chart I saw had USD/THB diving.

  3. Yes. It is Bush`s fault for everything. Why didnt he call and tell me not to eat the clams casino last night...they were horrible

  4. hey remember history dude. thailand was the beginning of the asian crisis, that led to ltcm. :D And yes its bushes fault. Hes suppose tobe protecting your economic interests.

  5. I was walking into the living room and was not paying attention to where I was going and there was a shoe in the hallway which I did not see and I tripped over it and fell on the floor and dropped my lunch which I just prepared all over the new wood floors and banged my knee on the corner of the wall.

    @#$%ing Bush!
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    as im planning a trip to bangkok in two months...sigh...
  7. I wonder if this will cause Victor Niederhoffer to blow out again?
    If he's writing options against the baht he's likely to eat a big loss.

    BTW, I'm blaming Bush for the whole thing.
    But not George Bush.
    I'm blaming Reggie Bush for not helping out my fantasy football league enough, which was clearly the condition precedent to the coup in Bangkok.
  8. Crying over here...:D
  9. Yep, well as I have said before, Neiderhoffermayer is destined to disappear from the scene sooner or later..

    The poor old guy just hasn't got the touch any more..

    If he is at risk for the Baht, well you can wave bye-bye to the old guy...:D

    I wouldn't let him manage my golf clubs.....

    Best to all

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    Bush and Clams in the same sentence, hmmmmm.
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