Breaking News: Cops In Fire Fight With Dorner In LA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. pspr


    Other than a blast on the news, I've been unable to corroberate this report. Standby.

    Reporting home invasion near Big Bear confirmed to be Dorner and now a foot chase. Shots fired.
  2. *sigh* i was really hoping a civilian dropped his ass with an 'assault weapon'.
  3. pspr


    There's still time to get up there and blast his ass! :D
  4. What about the reward money? :confused:
  5. pspr


    Well the cops can't collect it so you've got to somehow get between Dorner and the cops and take out Dorner before they do. Maybe you could flank him and get a good shot from a rear angle. :D
  6. I still don't have a gun :(
  7. pspr


    Well, no reward for you then. :D

    Seriously, you are probably better off waiting for this gun control frenzie to pass. 65 million new guns have been sold since Obama took office. At some point those are going to depress prices at least back to normal.
  8. 377OHMS


    I'm not sure how the San Bernadino County sheriffs operate but if it were the LAPD that cabin would already be on fire.

    Anybody here old enough to remember the Symbionese Liberation Army and what happened when they barricaded themselves in a home near downtown LA?

    Burn baby burn.
  9. pspr


    The LAPD just had an update. They don't know much more than was in the story gwb posted. But there is talk of possible hostages in the cabin he ran into.
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