Breaking Into Hedge Fund Business?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Churn4Fun, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, great forum!! I'm new but have already learned quite a bit digging through the archives...and picked up some of the books recommended on the site.

    Unlike many people in the business, I'm not (yet) interested in starting my own fund, but finding a job trading, clerking, or assisting traders at a hedge fund. My question...what sort of experience, education, and qualities are these firms looking for?

    I have a undergrad degree in Economics from one of the better schools on the east coast, but put off the MBA so that I could dive into trading. I've been working as a prop trader for 1.5 years in a modest but lucrative firm, and I've had a good measure of success....but not the sort of "Hedge Fund Success" I read about in the industry mags or from friends-of-friends who work in the industry. The simple fact is that, in spite of the fact that I'm loyal to office and appreciate everything they've taught me, I can only go so far using their strategies.

    Should I go back and get an MBA? Maybe a CFA? Should I continue to work here to gain additional experience?

    How exactly does one get into the business (aside from marrying the Senior Traders daughter)?
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  3. For me it was right place and time and a horseshoe shoved up my ass. However, for most it's about networking and building your reputation.

    From what you listed, if you don't have any 'ins' in the industry, I definately say work towards your CFA - it will open a lot of doors in this industry. An MBA is okay, but won't get you as far.