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    So do you have to be an Ivy-leaguer to get into decent prop firm? I've applied to some of the better ones that I know of, FSNY and the like, but have not had a bite. My undergrad transcript is very good, but there is no ivy on the buildings at my school. Do I have a shot, or am I wasting my time sending my resume? :confused:
  2. You need to be cognizant of your dyslexia in your correspondence to potential employers. It's FNYS!

    Anybody will give you a desk with a $5K deposit and a pulse if you can't get into a real firm, if there is such a place.

    If you don't know someone, or have impeccable credentials, I would certainly have a "Plan B" in place, nothing is a waste of time in life mate.

    Good luck!
  3. you wanna get with a real firm?

    Do you have a Bachelors in math, computer engineering, or stats?
    Is your GPA impeccable?

    Do you want to be a market making/Stat Arb computer jockey?

    If so you don't need to be Ivy League

    I'm neither so I'm f***** and pleased!:)
  4. I graduate from MIT with a Bachelor's in Molecular Eng and interviewed with major Wall St firms - very hard to get job right now

    So I am looking to join prop firm trading

    Good Luck
  5. I hope you are aware that it usually takes 1-2 years at least to start making consistent money in the trading game. I judge from your post that because you cannot get a job right now that you think a prop firm might be the magic fix. It COULD be, but please be aware that successful trading takes a long time. Better have $$$ saved up while you are learning.

  6. now this kid is EXACTLY the kind of trader i want to recruit for my new group.

    smart. great education. motivated.

    but screwed.
  7. OR
    join a private trading group that teaches him everythign he needs to know that will invest a couple years, not a couple months, into his development, finance his mistakes, and utilise his skills and education to attract like talent to build a longer term trading cell from those like-minded and equally employment challenged.

    the money a kid like this could make learnng to be a prop trader from scratch, versus wasting two years as an analyst pushing excel charts, making crap money, but paying his dues to the establishment...

    point made.
  8. Yes, it could happen this way for sure. But if he is looking just to join a prop firm, then it probably won't.

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    These posts where you keep mentioning "your firm" prompting people to message you is tantamount to free advertising here on this board which is not allowed. And you know it.

    If you want to advertise your firm, buy an ad like the professionals do.
  10. i absolutely agree. he'll fail wherever he ends up.
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