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  1. Hey guys....

    Yesterday I lose $4 and today I made about $10....Had I stuck to just trading my system I would have had 9 triggers and could've made 27 ticks off of it...I think part of me
    A. Hates trading one lots because it's like yay I made $82 for the day and
    B. A part of me doesn't believe that adequate set ups will appear so I jump into trades...

    Any thoughts?
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    You start small. Make your bones. Graduate to more lots.
  3. Is that including commission ?
  4. Yes...without commission the range is losing 3-4 ticks on bad day or getting 4-8 on a good day.
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    What are you trading?

    The more consistently profitable I get the more it becomes apparent I was dumb trying to trade index futures with a lack of skill and understanding on a small account.
  6. I trade the 5 yr with a 25K account on a 1 lot.
  7. ???
  8. sim trade 6 months so you know your system works

    u are trading way too early with real money

    you will not listen, but your behavior will lead to blowing up your account due to revenge trading, overtrading and others..
  9. Can you please tell me where you see from anything I've written how long I simmed?

    In fact, I simmed for 9 months so thanks for the insight.
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    Is your strategy dependent on that instrument? Why not try something that moves around a little more? Might be able to grab some bigger moves.
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