Breakdown in Gold is imminent!

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  1. gold is money,but no one is using it as a money,so in this case ,gold is insuranse ,just in case somthing is happens,you need to have one,how much insurance would you like to have?
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  2. and the price? who gives a f... ,it;s insurance, you cant sell
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    Good points;
    mr double:cool:

    Actually its more of a store of wealth[> so than insurance].
    I write that ,because gold has more than a 4,000 year UP trend . of wealth.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct-not a prediction:D
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  4. mirzaof


    This has been a crazy day for gold. Insurance or not.
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    Mr M;
    Uptrends are like that;
    goes up mostly, plenty of bear dips, in uptrends.

    Not a prediction, wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
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