Break-outs and pullbacks

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    me being a redneck texan as well that used to drive a F. but no tobacco spittin for me - stickin with beer and spareribs
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    What part of Texas? I am in the Dallas area
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  3. Houston,

    now got kicked over to Europe :(
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    Thank goodness for the internet,huh
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  5. As for me, I like to trade breakouts from pullbacks.

    Trade "pure" breakouts only from certain patterns (narrow range bars).
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    Cash, I've heard this before and Jack Hershey's equity method relies on volume as an indicator of a trend building or fading, but quite frankly I have never been able to see it. Volume appears to spike when a trend starts or ends, but then it also appears to spike at random times as well. I have not figured out a way to use volume, other than if the volume is much lower than average, that's an indication that the price action isn't necessarily important, but that doesn't always hold true either.
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    Here is one of my favorite trades to take. And volume is very important on this trade. Once you read this then just pick a chart and watch for the pattern and volume. Play with it for a while and see if you like it.

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    watching his presentation on equity will blow your sock off.
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    Gary, thanks I'll check it out.
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    Where can I see it--online somewhere?
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