Break out the paddle, the kids are being bad

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Apr 16, 2010.


    I think the paddle is a great idea. Kids are getting out of control and there is no punishment for them when they do get out of control which just leads to more crazy violent teens. Why would they behave when they know nothing is going to happen if they dont?

    I saw a program on TV the other dayay and saw this video of a 5 year old student trying to hit a teacher. The teacher did nothing but put her hands up in submission to the 5 year old. They then had the police come and handcuff the girl and put her in the police car for a few hours. Everyone was outraged at the way the little girl was treated! I was like...what? Do we live in bizzaro land now? If anything this girl should've got the paddling
    of her life and all she got was handcuffs on her and time out in a police car. Big deal. Where are these kids learning such disrespect from? In my day, you always respected your elders, and hitting them never even crossed my mind at that age.