Discussion in 'Trading' started by EMini-Player, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Anyone else thing the market's over reacting to the news about management change? Morgan Stanley downgraded it from over-weight to equal-weight and cut the price target from $30 to $21. Price of BRCM shares fell nearly 15%...make any sense?
  2. look at the volume for your answer. heavy volume, it matters. light volume, its just a shakeout.
  3. I think their technology will be crowded out shortly - frontal attacks by both CSCO and INTC. Plus, I think Henry Nicholas is a smart guy. He knew it was over.
  4. doesn't look good intraday.....lower lows into the did not get even a short covering bounce in the last 30 minutes.......volume is huge........
  5. this is a keen point to mention.....BRCM got its first wave of sellers at $19ish about a month there will potentially be no relief in sight...would not be surprised to see this test $10ish soon.......I realize there was allot of call buying today....but there was equally the same on the put side.........
  6. hope your right
    i just shorted the piss out of it after the close
  7. Sh*t...I went long in anticipation of a bounce. :eek:
  8. who knows i was leaning on those 86k at .9
    looks like hes steppin down :)