BRCM is killing me

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, May 11, 2006.

  1. What's wrong with it? It's like a falling rock.
  2. BRCM, one of my favorite stocks to day-trade.

    It's a money machine for my scalps :)
  3. FWIW, I show a buy right here at 37.92 on a short term reversion approach... could be a bit busy with expiry coming up and a down day so you might wait and see if we hit the 37.50 zone and how things go there.
  4. Its stop should be around 40.80

    under 41, It'll keep flying down.

    I was stopped out on 4/08/06 @ 40.75/40.80 area

    Did some headfakes, made me want to get back in, but I have a one trade rule.

    Looks like it was put to good use.
  5. I was trying to buy some PUT yesterday morning, and my order never execute. I would have a nice profit if it did executed.

    I put out 3 PUT order, RIMM, BRCM, and PCP, only PCP got executed and I ended up with a lost :mad:
  6. It's really crashing today for no apparent reason.
  7. Up on a major down day. Reached the point of oversold?
  8. due for a small bounce I guess,
    lots of volume today, stock didn't go anywhere, so someone is accumalting

    But it'll dip before it rally so.

    Whats your stop lost point? you should have one, stock dived 8% yesterday
    and 4% day before
    and 2% day before

    What were you doing all this time?

    I shot the stock out of my portfolio when I lost 10 cents.
  9. Selling covered call. I've been doing it on BRCM for quite some time.
  10. danoXP


    they just wacked their VP SALES!

    ... I don't know if it is announced yet.
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