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    good question. i'd like to know that too. anybody have any first hand experience trading from there?

    About the time of the year, i meant how lively it is not really the weather. i heard that our winter-their summer is the best time to go. I wanted to know what August was like. Thanks
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  2. In the North is always hot. The average temps here in Recife is about 83 F. In the south, the weather is more variable.
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  3. The connectivity is not a problem. Right now im using a 600k DSL connection to trade and it works perfect for me. You can have 1 mega DSL connection if you want. For my 600k connection, I pay 40 USD. You can have cable and wirelless connections too.
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  4. If you are going to Fortaleza eastward, go July through December. Its the driest time and windiest time. 20 knot wind daily to keep you cool. There is a reason why the area is rapidly attracting windsurfers/ kiteboarders in large numbers. This is the main reason I am going there (August through X mas I think).

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  5. Yes. Fortaleza have many beautifull beachs and the sun is very very Hot. Its a touristic city with many options to have fun.
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  6. How'd you get tear gassed?
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  7. I was visiting the University up on the hill (very cool place), and some students were having a demonstration vs the Government. It was peaceful, but someone decided it was too big, so cops in full riot gear arrived, and without warning started lobbing tear gas canisters.

    No big deal actually. I just sprinted out of the area as soon as I realized what was going on. It did sting a bit though.

    This was in 1992.

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    i know the brazil newspapers spell classifieds as classificados but do most brazilians write it the way the spanish do, with a single s ... clasificados

    and in your opinion are most brazilians who use the internet more apt to visit a .com site or a website

    thanks guys:)
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    Go to Cuba instead:

    1. Havana.
    2. No crimes.
    3. Wonderful and very friendly.
    4. Cheap cigars.
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  10. websites.
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