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  1. ....tell me what you know....
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  2. Assuming Salvador Bahia is Salvador, Brazil, you will need to speak some Portuguese if you ever move there. The vast majority speak no English. Its not like Mexico where many of the locals speak both Spanish and English.

    On the other hand, if you hang out with the educated crowd only, or have a Brazilian girlfriend for all your translating, no problem. Also, its not any harder to learn Portuguese than it is Spanish (I speak Spanish and have just begun studying Port). Many of the words spelled the same, pronounced different though.

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    you guys wanting to live the s american life should first spend some time in miami before taking the plunge.

    its a little square of latino land in the states. no one talks english and the girls are really dudes.

    cocaine & cigars on every street corner.

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  4. I've travelled S America extensively. Miami is much worse than 90% of the places I've visited. I don't go to the major cities, however, other than Quito and Buenos Aires which are great.

    most od the people I have met are super friendly and poor. Yes, they do not speak English. We should all speak at least one other language anyway for cultural reasons if nothing else.
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  5. Hello guys.

    If you need some help in Brazil, call me. I live Recife ( NE ) and Im trading the US Index Futures here.

    Any other information, you can contact me.


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    lovely place.

    o'linda is cool too
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  7. Olinda is 30 min by car from my Home in Recife. Its a great Historical city.
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  8. jsh


    Does it make a huge difference what time of year you got to Brazil? Would August be ok, or is it more quite there b/c its winter?
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    The north is always hot. i thought youd be ok in august. im no expert though - only been a few times cos my chick is brazilian.
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    yea - went there for the carnival few years back.

    stood out like a sore thumb being a gringo!!


    i luv the food over there. bbq brazilian style!! fried majorca, beef, salads, all the fruit etc - cant go wrong.

    whats the internet connectivity like out there??

    my chick wants to move back over there but im a bit hesitant cos i didnt think id be able to trade much. can i get dsl/cable access??
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