Brazil x USA - Confederations Cup Final Game

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    The game is about to start and I would like to use the opportunity to wish good luck to all fellow americans - you sure will need it bad today! :D

    Best regards from Brazil,
  2. USA! USA! USA!

    Yes we can.
  3. I know it's still early but

    USA 2 - Brazil 0
  4. Haha.

    Team USA winning a soccer tournament.

    What's next?

  5. What's soccer?
  6. Get out of the trailer and get a'll know.
  7. I think its a game in the special olympics for people who are missing arms
  8. aradiel


    Want to talk about a bad ass sport like MMA then? Lyoto Machida just spanked your boy and got the LHW UFC title. The MW belt is the waist of another brazilian. The WW category is ruled by a french canadian. LW, a haiwaian champ.

    Oh you have an american fighter as the UFC HW champ but everyone knows Fedor, the russian, is the HW king of the world.

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    BRA 3 X 2 USA

    Well, apparently all the luck and the referee on their side wasnt enough to get the win for the americans.

    The US team showed some talent but you just dont start the second half with a 2 x 0 score in your favor and let it end 2 x 3 It is a classic sign of naiveness, you guys needed something like brazilian "malandragem" or argentinian "catimba". With a better coach to fix the stratefic aspect the american soccer team can get pretty far in the World Cup next year though.
  10. What the hell are you talking about the referee being on the US side? Brazil just played better in the 2nd half and won. We sure made you shit your pants in the 1st half.
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