Brazil Worried US Is After Its Oil and the Amazon

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    August 23, 2009

    SouthAmerica: Since the enclosed article was published by Brazzil magazine a few days ago an interesting discussion is going on in the comments section of that article regarding the new US military bases in Colombia.

    Many questions are being raised by this new military arrangement between the United States and Colombia.

    1) Who is going to finance this new US military adventure into South America?

    The Chinese?


    2) Why the Colombian government is willing to give up its independence and sovereignty to a foreign power?

    3) Why the Colombia government wants to become a country under foreign military occupation?

    4) Under the “Andrada Doctrine” (May 30, 1822) – the doctrine that originally established the foreign policy for the Americas regarding foreign interference from foreign powers on the affairs of South American countries – under that agreement Brazil and the some of the other major South American countries are supposed to come to the rescue of Colombia.

    But in this case the Colombian government has decided to turn its sovereignty status as an independent country to the United States, and become a country under military occupation by that foreign superpower.

    The most important question is: why the Colombians are becoming “Brain Dead”?

    Is this the new strategy of the United States to enable the US government to get new resources to be able to pay its future bills that are coming due?

    The US government and the new strategy of economic desperation.

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    Brazil Worried U.S. Is After Its Oil and the Amazon.
    Written by Raúl Zibechi
    Tuesday, 18 August 2009

  2. The real question here is why does the US keep on losing money on such endeavors....

    The US lost $trillions with regards to the Iraq/Iran oil play....with regards to opportunity costs and outright havoc on its general economy....

    Had the US spent these funds on alternative sources of energy.....Americans would already be driving the second generation of phevs.... develops oil by cooperative commerce....not bombs....

    The world needs to graviitate towards eliminating all militaries ....and thus stop wasting resources....

    The Bush administration set the US back several generations....and it appears that the Obama administration is doing the same....

    The world's foreign govts. need to better allocate/develop their resources in a more cooperative manner...

    But everyone already knows will never happen....

    The question should be ....Why ????

    The US govt. is not even willing to make the required changes to pull their economy out of the mire....

    The question should be ....Why ????
  3. "Things" are the way they are for a reason... it's because GOVERNMENTS WANT THEM THIS WAY... so that they have maximum control over their people and their money. :mad:
  4. ..............................................................

    So the question becomes....

    "How to end this nonsense."...

    Got to be a better way....

    It is nonsensical to not "better manage" good assets....

    As the song says....

    One does not know what one has ....

  5. US is probably more interested in Venezuela, more specifically:

    The Venezuela beauty queens:

  6. just pick up a noam chomsky book, it will answer all you questions....hegemony or survival is a good start
  7. Planned US military bases in Colombia increase regional tensions
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    I wonder what exactly the USA needs military bases in Columbia for.
  8. AK100


    Maybe in the short term (over the next 10-15 years) but looking longer term it might be a great investment.

    In my opinion all the US has down with Iraq is to secure the oil will continue to flow stateside for the next 20+ years maybe even longer.

    For example, you think the US is ever going to quit the middle east? No way.

    It's a little bit like all the American bases in Germany over the cold war (many of them are still there). The main aim of the bases was to to have just that - a strog military base just in case.

    So America might pull out of Iraq (as we'll be told in the media) but in reality they'll be still there, an extremly potent 'peace keeping' force.

    Why for example do you think they're building massive military compounds in the desert?
  9. I recall Columbia produces coffee. Here is the coffee future price graph for September 2009.

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  10. maybe because russia is putting shit in hugo's house
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