Brazil: Worlds' Biggest Banana Republic

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  1. Contrary to "southamerica's constant sniping at the USA, and trying to portray Brazil as the great place to be

    And known for monkeying around with the facts to make Brazil look better

    (even though southamerica lives in the USA);

    Here are some REAL facts comparing the US against the world's biggest banana republic

    HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate(%) 2008 Country Ranks

    INFANT MORTALITY RATE(deaths/1,000 live births)
    United States....6.37

    ( > 4 brazilian newborns die for every american newborn)


    DEATHS FROM FIREARMS, per 100,000 persons


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    Why do you want to compare Brazil with the USA??? You are in the econ forum comparing HIV numbers??? Nice link, bad post, please follow up and discuss.
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    By the way, I live in a city where I don't even lock my door at night, mortality rate is nil, the local jail became a library and people are dying old and happy with no HIV....
  4. What's the weather like in Candyland?
  5. not directed to you.

    directed to "southamerica" if you read the intro - the eternally "Brazil good, USA bad" fact twister.
  6. I saw "banana republic" in the thread title and thought you had an on-line coupon for discounted khakis.
    I do however love myself some nice CAO Brazilia Lombadas. Smoke 'em if you gotta 'em.

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    That's a no brainer!!!! :D

  8. piezoe


    Spent about a month there last summer. Beautiful country, beautiful people. And an economy that's improving. They enjoy many freedoms that we in the US don't.
  9. Spent half a year in Jericoacoara (way up north). Wonderful little resort town on an awesome beach. Would have stayed even longer (may still be there), but the internet was shit there as its in the middle of nowhere. Literally, no roads for miles around the place, just sand!

    Delightful people, but definitely lots of petty crime. Our place was broken into once, and had a guest steal a camera on another occasion. Locks on doors needed there.
  10. If I ever get AIDS, it better be from a brazilian chick :D

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