Brazil sex service sector boom

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  1. July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Rosa Silva went into training before the Pan American Games, running 40 minutes each day and doing 200 sit-ups. She also got a full-body waxing and had her hair straightened and highlighted.

    Silva, 26, isn't one of the athletes competing for gold medals. She's a prostitute.

    With 700,000 visitors flooding into Rio de Janeiro, the Pan American Games are a profit opportunity for prostitutes in Brazil, where their occupation is legal. They can expect a surge in business and double their usual rates, said Flavio Lenz, a spokesman for Da Vida, a group representing Rio's sex workers.
  2. I'll bet folks will be bringing home some swell souveniers.

    "Anything to claim?"

    "Well, I got this rash............"
  3. At LEAST a flock of tiny little livestock.... should be declared to customs. :D
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    *dials northwest airline*
  5. Story says "about $200/hour" for Americans. 5 minutes worth would be about $16.50.... I'm DOWN with that!! :D
  6. IF the blow job is too good to be true she's probably a tranny
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    experience tells u this?
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    Got any pictures?

  9. Snap!! That was the sound of the 2 x4 getting broken over your head. J/K Just what I needed to break out in laughter after this nasty day in the YM. That's ok I didn't lose any money.
  10. Sounds logical... like, who would have more experience?
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