Brazil has finally arrived to the party!

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    SAO PAULO, June 17 (Reuters) - Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht SA said it was filing for bankruptcy protection on Monday, aiming to restructure 51 billion reais ($13 billion) in debt in what would be one of Latin America’s largest-ever in-court debt restructurings.

    The bankruptcy filing comes after years of struggles for Odebrecht, the biggest of the Brazilian engineering groups caught in a sweeping political corruption investigation that rippled across Latin America.

    Jerome " The Birdman " Powell better come out with doves flying when he enters Q&A stage thursday, stop QT immediately, prepare us for ZIRP and QE5 or it might be a long summer for Spanish Banks... DB Derivative blow up in 3,2,1
  2. That's pretty huge
  3. Spain banks are fucked, their deeep in Turkey, Brazil and Argentina... You couldn't make this shit up even if you wanted to. Hopefully Larry Fink has big money in Odebrecht, fuck him... DB had 931 Million Euro of OTC Derivatives with Spain Banks at end 2018 and 16.8 Billion Credit Exposure. Interesting few weeks coming up
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    LOL. How do you really feel about it, Stockolio? Don't be shy.
  5. Haha ain't shedding a tear... The quicker it snaps, the better for the bears. Hopefully Central Banks learn their lesson this time, and start getting off NIRP in EU and Japan. Word on the street is the Fed is gonna have the US in negative eventually, scary stuff...
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    That will not happen with the US economy as strong as it is.

    I agree with you. Fuck the central banks. Like the FCC!

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    Not to worry, China to the rescue, buying up all their coffees, soy beans, corns, beef .... instead of from the US.
  8. On your World everyone is fucked. Chinese, Americans, Latinos, Europeans. You must be living in a depressing dimly lit basement.

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    Brazil has been entangled in major corruption scandalsfor a while now. Its ex president is still in jail afaik.
    Mechanismo is a good Netflix series about Petrobras
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    The Mechanism is the English name
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