Brazil Economy: Sign of the times

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  1. a suicidal attention whore, he could have shot himself in the privacy of his own home, like the CME trader did. He shot himself in the middle of the pit, and not even in the head.
    This trader needs to be savagely ass raped with the biggest police stick available and then shot in the mouth, he's a disgrace to all people who ever attempted suicide.
  2. clacy


    I guess all of these traders that take their own lives is an indicator that this profession attracts the mentally unstable :D
  3. Arnie


    It wasn't SA was it?:D
  4. Maybe he wasnt suicidal...maybe he was homicidal and wanted to kill all those traders that "took his money" but then felt guilty for two seconds, and said...I better kill myself before i change my mind and start shooting all these innocent traders. could've been a homicidal trader there that shot the guy and then said "he's a suicidal trader" You ever see those trading pits? Lots of confusion there...wouldnt be too hard to shoot someone and then say he just committed suicide
  5. Oh if only he had listened to Jack Hershey....
  6. MattF


    and they didn't stop trading for a minute?

    Guess the markets REALLY don't care