Brawl turns into melee at Mall of America

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  1. Brawl turns into melee at Mall of America
    By Dave Berggren, KARE-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul

    BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota – Fists flew and so did a few chairs during a large-scale scuffle during the after-Christmas sales at Mall of America.

    "Any time you have a large group of people together things can happen," Commander Mark Stehlik with Bloomington Police said. "But this is highly unusual."

    Shortly after 4 p.m. Monday, authorities confirm more than 20 individuals started fighting in the north food court. Cell-phone video uploaded to YouTube shows dozens of young people watching while some push, punch, and even throw chairs. At that same time, police say several other fights flared up in other places of the mall.

    VIDEO: Brawl at Mall of America during holiday shopping

    "There were drinks thrown on the floor and chairs being thrown everywhere," said Tess Dessalgne, who witnessed the brawl. "Everyone started running towards the fight."

    No one was seriously hurt, but Bloomington Police along with Mall of America security arrested nine individuals for disorderly conduct. Some were juveniles.

    "At one point, we had over 30 officers involved," said Commander Stehlik. "What we tried to do was push people out of the mall in an effort to get this disturbance under control."

    No official lockdown of the mall occurred, but some stores did close their doors until order was restored.

    A statement from the Mall of America calls this incident "unfortunate especially during the holidays. As with any incident we will review our security efforts and continue to work closely with Bloomington Police to see if any changes are required."
  2. Those pesky "youths" are at it again...
  3. "Juveniles"

    Why won't the liberal media call them what they are?

    If they were white kids, the headline would be "gangs of white teenagers brawl in mall".
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    or "white terrorists"
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    or "white gangs"
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