Bravo for Mark Sanford

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, May 15, 2009.

  1. During a grilling on "Hardball" Gov. Sanford was pressed on putting substance to his and other Republicans calls for substantial cuts in spending and he basically said we have to stop SS as it exists and go more towards personal accounts.

    At last, someone willing to stop speaking in sound bites and actually facing reality.

    Hope he has good set of PPE (personal protective equipment) as I imagine the attack machines: Dems plus AARP, etc are loading up.

    This might get him the 2012 Nomination but likely will cost him the election.

  2. Americans like ss and want more of it.
  3. Seneca, you are aware that this was Bush's plan. Did you say bravo to him too?

    "NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – In the State of the Union address Wednesday evening, President Bush answered some important questions about his plans for Social Security reform and the creation of individual investment accounts. Many issues remain unclear, however. "
  4. Yes, and I thought it may have the Bush man's best policy initiative.

    When I first started working 30+ years ago; I compared SS benefits vs. what I could get via stocks and the stock thing was way better. It's too late for me but in fairness to those starting out their careers, it should be an option.

    BTW-I'm not a yellow dog democrat rather I'm a recovering Republican hoping the party goes back to its traditional values and stops pandering to gun nuts, religious right, racists, pro lifers and pissed off white guys.

    WHile there are many issues to resolve, the biggest is how to transition and it would take a sum similar to the bail out or Iraq war costs, so it is in the realm of possibility.

  5. Actually a decent post by Seneca. Not bad.
  6. probably went off my meds this am.