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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by tease, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Im really interested in making money and trading seems like something i would like to do, the thing is i have NO idea where to start, what i should think about what i need to start and so on. Where do i start? Is there any sites where i can find information, or would someone maybe have some spare time( which i don't think anyone in this business really have if they don't make some) to help me tell me maybe what direction to go.

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  2. First, are you a book person or a video person. If you prefer videos, then visit or and buy some videos on trading.

    If you are a book person, all the better. Books

    Finally, a personal observation/realization: If you think you'll be able to trade after reading 2 books or 2 videos, triple that estimate right now. Read 6 books and watch 6 videos. I guarantee you one thing: TRADING IS MUCH MUCH MUCH more difficult than you think.

    It is doable but it does involve a lot more effort, observation and discipline than you first realize.

    Good luck and good trading.