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    hey, is that you on the right? :D

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  2. Most excellent post, Agree 100%

    I'll take 20 losses that get smaller and smaller but when the winners come along, you have to be in prime position to take advantage.

    In this day and age... screw your system the hedge funds, and other program traders will eat it alive...

    you have to take control of what you can an that is the amount traded per trade
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  3. My bet would be on the duckling that followed all the other ducklings. Thank God they all float in storm drains that come out somewhere. It's tough being a city duck at best.
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  4. this is a good post.

    The other thing is follow the rules. Dont have 2,3, or 10 good trades in a row and think you know something, so you can skip some of the rules, cause thats when you get bit.

    ps: Samson, what negativity? Living in NJ, I barely noticed.
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  5. Samson - there are several traders here who do help others. You for example, helped me recently. Thanks :)
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  6. zdeg - I think that was just a good .com name and Baron grabbed it fast. :)

    How many real ELITE traders do you think there really are in this world?

    1000 max.

    He couldn't sell to much ad space with that few.

    Trader2be - Your welcome :)
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    absofreakinlutley great post. excellent, couldn't have agreed more. a must read for newbs.
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  8. thanks everyone!
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  9. I disagree with this particular point. For me it worked great. A premise is probably that general rules are teached and not too specific trading systems.
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  10. After you have climbed the incredible hill and you are there you will find out with awe that M.Douglas' mantra is true:

    "You don't need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money"

    You take a few years to find out that you don't need to know what everyone says you must know!
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