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    brand new to the trading world. haven't even made my first trade yet. i will be using my computer to do all my trading. any advice on where to begin? i've already begun reading about trading and what it's all about but i'm curious what would be the best software to start out with? thanks for reading my post.

  2. in another forum thread! such as trading or psychology...not announcements

    any advice on where to begin?
  3. read this whole site before making a trade. then come back and ask more questions.
  4. Wow... that's a stretch. It would take him quite some time.

    I would go to the Career Trader forum and look through the threads in there. You will find plenty that are started by obviously new traders.

    Take a look at these for an example:

    Your entry into this discipline can be the most rewarding, but also the most frustrating experience you will ever have. The market has a way of forcing your demons out of their hiding places and costing you money. Hence, don't expect quick results and definitely don't focus on making money. When you enter this game, it is not about making money (although with time this becomes the product of your effort) it is about staying alive.

    I would surf a bit and then come back and ask specific questions in the Career Trader Forum if it is about taking the step to towards trading, the Psychology Forum if you are dealing with your demons, or the Trading Forum if you want to discuss products to trade, commissions, etc.

    Wishing you the best of luck.
  5. welcome, Steve!

    my advice is... give half your money to me to *ahem* hold for you.

    then take the other half of your money and figure out what 1% of it is, then if you must, open a trade with that 1%.

    When you lose, repeat the second step.

    No, I'm not kidding.
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