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  1. Can brainwave machines help one to become a better trader?There are so many on the market.which one to select. Anyone who is using benefitted from these machines?

    comments much appreciated. Thanks
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    I use a brainwave machine or a light/sound machine. It by itself will be useless to you. The machine assists you into a dream / alert / relaxed or state of your choice. I find that I am able to relax and focus, suppress fear/greed and be more objective in my trading when I am trading. But you ultimately need some guidance which the machine will not provide by itself. If you want more info ping me offline.

    You can achieve the same thing with biofeedback. And ultimately you will not need any machine. You will train yourself using the machine to later put yourself into a relaxed and focused state at will.

    But I will caution you that just because you can achieve focus and objectivity does not mean that you will suddenly have a workable plan and strategy.
  3. it is such threads that help to bring light to why 95% of leveraged traders lose their money.

    Don't forget to also add aluminum foil in your shoes to thwart aliens and cosmic radiation...
  4. there is some validity to this, take a group of 30 traders, and give them all a terminal, hook them up, and expose them to a derivative.

    monitor vitals and brainwaves, see if there are characteristics of winners or loosers in the waves. Out of 30 90% would be on the loosing end, monitor their position biases and take the position of the 10% that are winning. Almost a sure win situation.

    brokerage houses have a treasure trove of real time information, they can monitor position biases in their clients accts, and just fade them.
  5. I think a brainwave machine with a regimen of placebos would be the way to go. Of course, personally I became addicted to placebos. After a long struggle, I am now placebo free.
  6. *sigh*
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