Brainstorming : How can White Males victimize themselves ?

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  1. Let's face it people.
    The highest level of aristocracy in the liberal church is a Female, Lesbian, Native American, Black person.
    You can play the gender card, race card, minority card, sexual discrimination card.

    I'm not White, yet I can sympathize with the plight of White men who have no "card" to play to advance in today's society. so they resign themselves to hard work, budgeting & planning. poor chumps
    Let this thread be the first attempt of the congregation of White men to find a way to victimize themselves. Any ideas ?
  2. Finally, someone who understands our pain.

    We come to this country, win it from the Indians, form a new type of government, open the land to all oppressed people in the world.

    We fight and die for Negro freedoms, We vote for women and Indians right to vote.

    What do we get? Law after law promoting the color of skin over talent. Affirmitive action laws are anti-white. And soon we will be minority. I want my free ride.

    *Indians not native Americans because they are not native but immigrants just like us
  3. Small Penises Are Never Kool, or S.P.A.N.K. for short.

  4. White males who are victimized or discriminated against should use the court system and choose various "Psychosis" defense to level the playing field.

    Drinking, divorce, mom's in prison, heartbreak of lost dog syndrome. People love a red neck defense.
  5. Thats the difference between whites and the rest. As a majority white people dont play victim. Whereas most people with brown skin do. They look for every opportunity to blame someone else for their shortcomings.

    Whites have a problem? They fix it or try really hard to.

    I can tell the OP isnt white just by reading the title of the thread. We dont even think like that.
  6. "We come to this country, win it from the Indians, form a new type of government, open the land to all oppressed people in the world."

    We win it from the Indians? Really. How fair a fight was that war?

    We formed a new government, true, but was it open to the oppressed Indians who we "won" it from?

    I understand your desire to have an America that looks like something from 50 years or more ago, but that is not going to happen.

    Go invade another country with Indians, win it from them, and start another white male dominant society if that is your goal...

    Indians were native to America before we "won" it from them.

    We were the invaders, the conquerors.

    There is no direct proof that Indians were no here from the beginning. Only some scientific theories lacking data to make them fact.

    The white man came in a destroyed the culture of the natives in favor of their own, stole their land, force them on the reservation, stole their pride, and turned them into something lower than a black slave.

    This is the way America began, and it may be the way America will end, with a greater power invading America day one day and sending the white men to reservations...

    If conquering a weaker people is seen as good, then whoever conquers America some day will be doing good...

  7. Your entire line of thought is Racist, you seem to think that no non-whites believe /practice meritocracy. + I said I wasn't White, Get a grip.
  8. Online political forums is a good start.
  9. "I'm not white"

    various federal regulations require that you identify which race you belong. We can then judge your opinions accordingly.
  10. lol this thread made me laugh, ET has some funny shit...
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