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  1. Anyone have any methods they use to get their brains
    warmed up in the morning before trading?

    I always struggle with a bit of brain fog when the day begins. I tend to be a little irritable & make stupid decisions (which I don't realize are stupid at the time), and then as the day progresses I gradually snap out of it (well..........not always, but most of the time).

    I could always wait to trade until the fog wears off, but I'd like to come up with a better solution.
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    Listen to nature sounds recording before bed time.
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    cold shower and some Yerba Mate Tea.

    Sometimes I dont do the cold shower, but I walk outside in the garden and put the hose over me head for 30 seconds.

    wakes me up a little, and I always wake up at 7 am, 1 hour and a half before the market opens...(central time)
  5. get up earilier.. go to bed eariler.. go for a walk..
  6. Did you try lumosity? great stuff. it keeps you sharp.

  7. Another player depending on their hindsight...

    When will it end?
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    Listen to Maroon 5......
    Take me by the tongue
    And i'll know you
    Kiss til you're drunk
    And i'll show you
    Want the moves like jagger
    I got the moves like jagger
    I got the mooooooves like jagger
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    Move eastward a few time zones.
  10. I read somewhere lumosity doesn't do what it claims to do. I can't remember the details of it, though.
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