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    Pilates is the method I like... I take a class twice a week, there is a lot of focus on the moves, focus on breathing, coordination of breathing with moving... mindfulness at it's best in some ways... I'm adding Tai Chi once a week, that is similar, both are about becoming rooted in the earth's energy, but Tai Chi is done standing and Pilates not so much.
  2. Mindfulness meditation is a lifesaver for me...I don't do much yoga or pilates or other more physically driven minfulness techniques, but mindfulness meditation certainly has proven useful to me while trading...keeps me from making irrational decisions, among other things. However, it's a lifelong endeavor, so one can't expect an overnight transformation, but in the long run it's a good thing.
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    my first class in college.. we walked in and herman h hobbs said you might not remember any science I teach you but you will remember me for this...

    when you are in class keep your mind on class
    whey you are with your girlfriend keep you mind on your girlfriend
    and when you are having fun with your friends keep your mind on having fun.

    best advice I have ever received.
  4. True that.

    I like what a teacher once told me:

    We are the genius' of our own experience.
  5. The goal is to reach "single point concentration" or Samadhi. Cosmic energies will then flow through a central channel and you experience real reality.
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  7. I have started practicing TM again. I don't do nearly as well with other forms of meditation. I have ADHD so forced concentration on something doesn't work well for me. I appreciate the TM doesn't mind in your mind wanders. It's normal and its accepted.
  8. I too have severe ADHD, so forced concentration and stillness don't work me either. I did TM many years ago. Now I prefer Spontaneous Qigong, which one of my instructors refer to as Kunlun.

    I am practicing with the Spontaneous Healing DVD which I found to be a big help.
  9. I tried for many years to reach it with Zen and other brute force method. It didn't work for me as I have very severe ADHD.
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