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  1. my journal starts here...will post in 2-3 mins
  2. I am going short for both GU and EU

    look at attachment file for chart

    what do I use? LW MA 4 and MA 8, BB 24 dev 1, and timeframe is H1

    (I also use M5 timeframe to confirm trend but I dont check trend during asia session)
  3. while for USD/CHF apparently it's going up. It has reached its bottom of the 3 ball. TP is open, depends on EU and GU
  4. Today Im gonna try to look for opportunity to sell USD/CHF. Most likely it will go down to hit bottom of BB 24 deviation 2. My TP is at BB 24 deviation 2 and second TP is bottom of BB 72 deviation 2. Will sell this during London Open (if it gives us strong indication to go down)

    Here's the chart:


    *Please look at the initial movement of London open. It's very important! Do not enter the trade if the candle goes up for 8-10 pips in the first 2 minutes

    also wait for green line movement in TDI indicator. Do NOT enter the trade if it stays flat even if it has crossover the red line.

    stop loss 20 pips above the BB 72 dev 1 top