Bradley upon us

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    There are 3 outstanding dates in 2005 that have the highest probability for a major reversal within +/ - 4 days:

    1. Jan 25-26, 2005
    2. July 13, 2005 (maybe Aug 30, 2005 as a retest)
    3. Dec 16, 2005
  2. And The IRAQI elections are on the 15th..



    I'm not much into Astrology but I've seen some amazing hits right around Bradley turn dates...

    the last big Bradley turn date was on 8/30

    The day after Hurricane Katrina..

    Right around the time the levies broke in New Orleans
  3. Sure did nail the highs.
    That Bradley Siderograph can really be amazing!
    It caught the major lows in March of 2003 as well.
  4. Minor Bradley turn date was Sunday Jan 15th.

    With the Russell 2000 hitting an all time high Thursday, I'm wondering if prices aren't heading south.

    fwiw...does anyone have the Bradley chart for 2006?
  5. Has the curse of the Bradley turn date been delivered?

    Are we now all cursed men?? Answer Man!