Bradley Siderograph

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    Given the usual macro-economic discourses that seem to frequent ET these days, I'm not very sure how many of the "pundits" here on ET that go back and forth about Federal Debt, China, The Fed, etc., will VALUE the Bradley Siderograph . . . but for those that have heard of this indicator and follow it to some degree, here is the latest:

  2. Bradley is total crap. In their analysis of the past, they talk about the failure of the Bradley siderograph in the U.S. markets but they can always find a market that it works in. That is the con of using astrology in the markets. Pick and date and some market will make a high and some market will make a low. You will always be right and wrong at the same time. The key to finding suckers is to make them believe your spin on when you turn out right.

    Here is a good site for the tin-foil hats to check out: Many topics on the scam they call astrology.

    I also love how they slipped in the anti-US bull*hit in their piece: "Stage #2 of the hyperinflation has a very important impact on the markets: the totalitarian-fascist gleichschaltung (synchronization) on the political level emerging mainly from the US can also be detected in the markets that more and more dance to the rhythm of liquidity"
  3. 90% of the world is anti-american.

    Your point?