Bradley Siderograph Dates

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Oct 13, 2006.

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    "so one can only conclude that the Bradley siderograph does not reliably predict whether a turning point will be a high or a low - only the date matters."
  2. Well, I fail to see how anyone could point out a low in any daily bars over the past couple days. There will either be nothing or a high.

  3. It says plus or minus up to a week. We haven't gone more than a week.

    That's the difficulty with these predictive cycles or turning points methods....hard to pinpoint. Hard to know.

    Landis82, do you know why November one is more significant?

    Im quoting from their website:

    I have already been thinking about dropping the chart altogether and only publish the dates to avoid misunderstandings, however this has the major advantage that the magnitude of a turning point gets entirely lost (among other drawbacks), that's why I continue to release the chart.

    Does that mean the line distance represent the magnitude?

    From 7/23 to 9/15 the line distance was indeed long. And the market did went up for long time. The November turn date, supposedly is important, but the other important date of the year, 5/20, was only a moderate reversal..?