Bradley Model ?

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  1. Read it is calling for a top in November ? But hasn'it called for a top a few times already ? What is based on ? Stars and planets ?

    Take a quarter out of you pocket, heads long, tails short.

    Whatever the outcome, fade it, do just the opposite.

    You now have your very own, reusable, lakeside trader super duper wrap around inverted squiggly line thingy and it only cost you 0.25 and 2 seconds of your time.

    For more realism, paint the quarter red and avoid pan handlers.
  3. LeroyB3


    Bradley Model doesn't call tops or calls turning points.


  4. Out of curiosity, what is the difference between "tops and bottoms" and "turning points". Wouldn't the top or bottom BE the turning point?
  5. lol exactly:D
  6. you can have a turning point, be a change in trend, or an acceleration in the direction of the current trend, so this would not therefore be calling a high, or low.
  7. can anyone confirm if the model states a change of direction

    next week ?

    also ... how many days plus or minus is acceptable in hindsight
  8. Tyren


    28.nov. +-1 day

    Bradley-days are quite good. But I use some other astro-forecast that are better. 1-3 week swings +-0 days. 3-6 week trends. 6++ week large "trends". It's a "6++" now from nov/dec to june or october. The "1-3 week" show a small up-swing from ca. 3-12. dec..
  9. So far so good. :)
  10. Tyren


    I still think $SPX will have a rally circa 3-12.december, maybe a local-top. But the "astro-forces" should be bearish/negative from now and to july or october. That's what the Bradley says also.
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