Bradley Model - Jerry Favors or Arch Crawford

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  1. Hey folks,

    Just wondering if any else follows the Bradley Model indicator?

    Jerry Favors and Arch Crawford use this model for timing cycles in the market!

    According to Arch Crawford and following the Bradley model, he's looking for a Market low some time in mid March followed by a rally into the summer time with another low around mid November

    If anyone subcribes to anyone of these guys newletters, please enlighten me to when major lows and highs (dates) will occur based on the Bradley indicator!!

  2. Astrology again :D

    I will look at astrology on market one day. I can already demonstate that market is manipulated on price as for time there should some degree of liberty available (read for example Mandelbrott article with which I agree that time is rationally the random component) and so it can also be manipulated so why not by astrology it would be the best mean to hide the manipulation behind esoterism :). This is incredible I never thought I could find so much esoterism before entering futures world. And I have looked in stock market history market astrology comes from very far several hundred centuries ago for Europe and according to Gann even since Egypt as for wheat prices !

  3. is jerry favors still in business? he used to be on cnbc every week until he missed a bunch of calls then disappeared. gurus come and go and get recycled.
  4. tampa


    The Bradley is quite fact most anything is.

    If you want success in the market, don't study the stars - study people, including yourself.
  5. Sure must study the people, most of all the dumb mass psychology, this is really fascinating how incredible stupidness it can reach. What is really remarkable is the always argument "It was the past this modern time is different" :D :D :D

    Now understanding mass psychologic alone is not enough except if you are a strategic investor. For daytrading technical mastering is more important than just psychological knowledge.

    As for the stars it just demonstrate how stupid the crowd can be: believing that stars has any interest in stock market. Even if stars impact mass psychology it doesn't change the fact that between cause and effects there must be a physical mechanism of transmission and this mechanism of transmission implies that some human implements it and if some human implements something so that the cause can have an effect on stock market because this effect manifest itself at evey subscale even when there is only market makers robot so where are the mass people in this case huh ?. This star scheme is like nazism's esoterism manipulation through symbols a mean to use mass psychology believe in a supra force justifying their fake ideology. Astrology in stock market is to make people believe in so called divine natural order so as to hide pure human interests manipulation.

  6. "According to Arch Crawford and following the Bradley model, he's looking for a Market low some time in mid March followed by a rally into the summer time with another low around mid November"

    Sounds like a decent prediction to me, give or take a few weeks. The fact of the matter is Arch is a pretty decent market timer and he doesn't rely on astrology alone.
  7. although because asstrology is based upon fixed cycles, and there are alot of different cycles happening all the time, one can ascribed a cycle to any event that is forecast, and be believed. . .

    its just like the web site here

    as to how it creates the illusion, arch does the same illusion to avoid being revealed as to the how he reads the market. . .

  8. Bradley model points to this current day as a Low for the market, with a rally lasting into mid summer! :)
  9. The real fools are those who think they have found a perfect system, not the ones who use an imperfect system.
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