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  1. I remember last Summer, when we were heading into the July lows that one of the guys that follows Bradley ( could have been Jerry Favors ) was also talking about a MAJOR turning point in March of 2003.

    Can anyone offer some insight into this?
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  4. "Alan Farley

    Bradley Cycle
    3/13/03 09:26 AM ET

    For those who follow such things, today is the turn date of the Bradley Cycle. It's turning up after a long downturn, with a "top" set in July. This is astro stuff, so take it or leave it.
    long rbk, blti"
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    Now THAT was a call.....
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    how come the chart is not the same as the Bradley model by Crawford? How many versions are they?
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    look at my pic on page 1 you will find the url name at top right corner, go to that web site then scroll down and click on Bradley link to find your answer
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    Thanks! Crawford still has a different version.
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