Bradley Effect Dead

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kut2k2, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. kut2k2


    Thank you, America, for being as mature as I hoped you would be. And although it's likely every vote for Obama was at least matched by a vote against the GOP, regardless of what they felt about McCain and Obama personally, it's still a historic event to break the all-White-male Presidential Club and show the whole world that we can still be transcendental.

    May God bless America, and may President Obama be good for America.
  2. hughb


    I was worried about the Bradley effect too, but it didn't happen. The Bradley effect was the reason I thought that Obama would barely squeak by, but he thumped McCain. Thumped him good.
  3. How can Obama be good for America? What a joke. It is a joke right?
  4. Obama is a huge threat to capitalism and national and global security. Oh well, McCain tried his best.
  5. kut2k2


    If you really were about "Country First" -- which I know you aren't, it was just a campaign slogan -- then you would want the best for America regardless of who was President. Obama hasn't even gotten in office yet and you're already wishing him failure, which will be more failure for the USA as well.

    Congratulations, you've outted yourself as just another narcissistic, nihilistic party-before-country reactionary. :p