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  1. A Review:

    The Cycle did not call the Top as suggested by the Cycle on 6/23.

    The cycle then called for a Low on 9/11 and a high on 10/22.
    Both dates were insignificant.

    However, the Bradley did call for a low on 11/23 with an upswing into early January . . . So far, so good!

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    Where can I get more information on the Bradley Cycle?

    Dave Scott
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  4. Bradley is kind of tricky. They say that it does not predict direction only the turn date. So even if the forcast points up it may not move in that direction.
    It has been accurate in the past so I'd give it a close look.
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    That is correct. The turns in the bradley model are supposed to forecast turning points in the market (direction and strength are not forecasted). The next turn would be on 1/16, if the current rally continues I assume that will be the date of a correction
  6. And does Bradley work for intraday : because if I know the price (example of today below: 10406.8/10407.1 was projected in real we made an absolute intraday bottom at 10407.04) and Bradley knows the time, well this would become totally deterministic :D. (In fact I should be able to determine time because I have now an idea of how my market's model clock is correlated with physical time's clock). Then the question would be: how can it be as anyone have apparently the choice of buying and selling freely whenever the want huh ... think a little bit there is only one rational solution :D

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  8. I have already given the chart here:

    more precisely this one
    There is a pic (turning point) at 10556 on monthly scale (since it is monthly scale and not daily scale it precision is about 35 points - as explained here - so that 10521 is the 1st zone alert preceded by 10497 - the Feynman Effect level. Those who are subscribers have access to the daily and hourly scales which are more precise for intraday)

  9. 10527.03

  10. I gave above 10521 zone (before we made it) according to Monthly scale. But it is above all due to today's forecast on daily scale which was 10523 in theory (see picture below the LT mark). In fact it was potentially there since Monday on weekly scale at 10520 (tomorrow I will show that the forecast of 10523 could even be refined to 10527 if one takes into account backwardation phenomena - I have explained already in the past but not so often so I will reexplain). This pattern is very easy to see since it is indicated automatically by the forecast and it is very high probability trade.

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